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Friday, November 28, 2014

Ole Miss Birthday Cake

Cake for an Ole Miss Fan

It is the day after Thanksgiving as I type this.  Amongst many things to be thankful for, I am thankful for friends who ask me to bake for their friends.  How cool is that!

Birthdays come around every year, don't they?  I have a friend who has a friend who had a birthday...and is a football fan...of....well that is completely obvious...The University of  Mississippi (or as we down here say down here "Ole Miss")  Hotty Totty, goooo Rebels, and something about a colonel?  Can you tell I am not a big fan?  But I am a fan of cake.  So for a friend of a friend I baked chocolate cake layers, made homemade chocolate filling, made butter cream and cut out fondant accents.  The footballs were chocolate candies I found at the Party Store.  I just added the icing "laces".  

There is one major problem with a tier cake.  Transporting it.  This cake traveled well, but I put in a large cardboard box with clear plastic wrap over the opening and met the birthday guy 1/2 way. These were only 9" and 6" tiers so the cake was not huge; but just how can you box a cake that you have to have already put together?  And still expect it to travel well and stay moist for a few days?    

Check out the original inspiration link @
 My Mostly butter cream version

Well, the fella celebrated his birthday and is going to the bowl game this weekend.

I trust that the cake brought some smiles
that Old Miss hits a home run
makes the basket
ohhh yeah
gets the most touchdowns!

~All done the week of Thanksgiving...~
The week where our focus should be on giving the Lord thanks in all things...the week of turkeys and dressing and sweet potatoes and all things good to eat.
I close this post with an annonymous quote that I read today:
My Cup
The optimist says, "My cup is half full."
The pessimist says, "My cup is half empty."
The child of God says, "MY CUP runneth over!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Lavender Flower Cookies

Is it true?  Do little old ladies really like lavender?  I should know, I think I'm closing in on that little ol' age bracket.  Well maybe not quite, but definitely past the 1/2 century mark.

These lavender tinted butter cookies were made for a sweet lady who will be 75 years young this weekend.  As I edge my way with more birthdays behind me than ahead of me, I think I might agree...Lavender may become my new color.  At least tonight.

One of my go-to butter sugar cookie recipes comes from Fancy Flours.  Click here for her recipe.  

And my ALL TIME Fav Royal Icing recipe comes from another one of my favorite cookiers Ali B.  You can find it HERE.

Flowers need centers and the center of choice was a Wilton Candy Melt piped with a RI 75.  Encircling the center are sugar pearls.  

Now they are sitting on our dining table, drying and waiting to be bagged and ribbon-ed tomorrow.

Yes, I know...It IS December,but even though the cookies are not green or red or snowy they still reflect the Christmas spirit...that of giving and  life, for all good celebrations reflect the love of Christ and the new life he gives us.

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