My Flicker Pics

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hello I'm Back!

Well, goodness me!  I didn't realize I'd been away for so long.  I'm not sure why.  Life just got a little busy.  And I need to fix that.  Where oh where should I start? 

I suppose I should share my latest creations with my cookie friends.   Do you remember last year?  Our school had a golf fundraiser for our special little school.  I donated a cookie basket and this year felt compelled to do it again.  So I'll just start with a few pictures.  You know, ease my way back into a small part of your cookie world.

Whimsical flowers in rainbow colors minus the yellow.  But ya know the centers are yellow...does that count?  I thought yellow flower and  the same yellow centers and shook my head.  I know I could have made the same yellow center, taken the rest out and added more yellow to darken it and then piped the petals.  And that is a nice thought now...after the fact, you know. Flowers hidden on the bottom rack are my experiment with the polka dots.  But gee, it was already LATE.  And I figured enough....stop.....pillow....bed....

The next morning I picked out the best two of the white flowers.  I shouldn't tell you that these were going to be clouds and that I would make an arch with the rainbow colors.  No, I shouldn't tell you that at all.  But that sometimes happens with plans.  They change. If I would have just squished the cutters it just might have worked.  But tired brains have tired thoughts.

Now I usually make several extra, but this time only one extra to make up the basket
And that's a really good thing

I squished my cloud  FLOWER and what you see above is sad.
And well, because it was cracked,  broken and all
and because it was breakfast time
and because I kind of didn't eat...
That one bite of cookie was just for me :)


My original "rainbow"
became a happy row of flowers instead

OH, by the way!  I have absolutely fallen in love with my new Royal Icing Recipe.
Check out the recipe HERE from Ali B's.
I can't say enough about how it tastes and how it pipes!

Basket is all dressed up.
Did you notice the ribbon?
How neat was that find?

Now I told you that I made another cookie basket,
Did I also tell you that I made two bread baskets?

Wonderful bread machines!!!!
Measure, dump, plug and switch on
Yes, I bake the regular way,
but this is way cool.
I had to set the alarm at 2:45 AM to take out the second loaf to cool.

Cookie basket, classic white bread loaf and Italian herb loaf
all ready for the golf tourney raffle.

One last note...

Labels?  Left right here on my computer.
Another one of those plans that change!

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Yes, yes, ofcourse you can share with me.  No seriously I hope that one of us wins and enjoys!