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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Candy Corn Journey

First Journey

You really need to see This Candy Corn Cookie "How To" (by SweetSugarbelle..)
Now that I've looked again at her blog, I realize that I didn't EXACTLY follow directions ... I was trying out my memory. Like, THAT was a good idea!
I made Candy Corn on steroids. Silly me!!! I'm going to try it again with the bite-size cookies. I didn't burn my Wilton candy melts, but I did learn a lesson or two. I added a little oil to make the candy more spreadable. It said I could... on the bag. But I wouldn't know otherwise. I would say dip-able; but you would have had to have been here...trying to dip 4-5 inch cookies. Not a pretty picture. Definitely go smaller. But they are just SO cute at any size.

Candy Corn Goes
On a Diet

Don't you think this was necessary?  I mean my first candy corn cookie just had NO  self-control....any time a cookie recipe only produces 8 cookies.....what can I say, except that we might just need to pare down the size
We looked at the "How TO" one more time and since I did have a little bit of dough left and I do mean "little" I tried again.

This time I didn't have enough to put in the loaf pan.
But I did take out my handy dandy digital scale and divided the remaining dough, added more Ameri-Color Orange to one, then made little slabs of dough, stacked them and put in the I should have done the first time.

When chilled, I pulled it out, cut four slices and then cut out the little corn shapes from them.   The rest is the same...just a much smaller version.
Dipping the cookies in the candy melts?
Easy as pie.

Now why didn't I do all that the first time?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Fall Leaves in the Kitchen

The LEAVES may still be green outside my window, but not in my kitchen.

I've been looking at all your beautiful posts.  Those variegated colors and all that exquisite embroidery-painting.  They were so inspiring!  Check out this one HERE (Sweet Sugarbelle) or HERE (Lili Lola) or HERE (Karen's Cookies)
(these are a few of my favorites)
And then you'll want to see this neat painted embroidery technique HERE (Cakes etc. by Dana)  and enjoy some music while you look :)

Take a peek at what you've done to me... made me, twisted my arm, gave me an ultimatum.
HaHa...yeah, right
So I HAD to try a few; but of way.
You know those accidents that just surprise you?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed coming to my "Fall" kitchen. I am glad you came!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Do Leaves Really Turn Colors in the South?

That question poses a serious question. I used to think (after visiting Wisconsin one October) that we had absolutely NO COLOR in the fall. But seriously, we do, if you look diligently, have a little color change. It's the middle of September here...let me look..................................okay, green and maybe a touch of brown.

But not in my kitchen. I have made my own fall. And since I have a "day" job, I'm doing it in shifts. But here are my first FALL LEAVES

See, there is color in the South!

I tried to do the painting technique.  Maybe it was the fact that this is NOT royal icing.  I'm not really sure, but I began to give up.  Then the lightbulb went off.  Hmmm.  I wonder what would happen if I just wet the brush and "slurred" the color on the stem.  And then I thought, hey, why don't I just dilute the stem color and brush that on the time near the center...and (I only had ONE other leaf) I tried the "water" color on the edges.  Anyway.  I sort of liked the result.  Error to the rescue.  I'd still like to do that painting.  Another day...another icing....another batch of cookies.  But that's really ok.

I have been enjoying everyone's posts.  All those leaves, and pumpkins and you know, AUTUMN.

I have a few coming of my own.  No tutorial, just the results of looking at all of yours...if you're readin'

Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Grand Cookies"

Every once in a while opportunities cross our paths that, if we we are not very careful, will go  virtually unnoticed.  I told you I'm just a regular person, who just happens to LOVE to bake.

Well, our middle daughter was going to bring "Princess" and "John Deere" over to bake cookies today (which equates to she's bringing them and going to help me clean up).  But we are having a little tropical storm right now.  His name is Lee and he's not been very nice. 

They didn't come, until just a couple of hours ago and didn't stay long.  "Mimi, can we decorate cookies?  Can we sew?  Can we feed the fish?  Can we get on the computer?"  Phew they wore me out...and that was only the first few steps inside the house! I just cleaned the kitchen.  I don't have any icing prepped.   My go wash your hands. 

This is Princess Mia with her "Grand" cookie 
"Mimi, I want pink...and maybe some blue (my jar is soOo near empty."

 This is "John Deere" Jax with his Grand creation
Mimi...I want blue (he got the last of the jar)...and some green.

 Well....The decorator was not quite finished.  "Mimi, it needs a heart"
And hearts HAVE to be RED
I know you can't tell, but BC yep RI red.
Definitely not "correct".
But it's his cookie, right?

Which explains the tips in the mouth. 
Where is that camera when you need it?

No more questions, no more "look Mimi", no more, you know....interruptions...just the sink

 of course

 gets done! 
I wonder, how many times
I have missed the real treasures
Not the perfect cookie, or piping technique, or detail

the kind of treasure
that only comes
when we are least expecting it, and the kitchen is already clean, and I'm tired and I would rather just sit and visit....

You know...the Gifts from God

Thank you Lord!