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Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Grand Cookies"

Every once in a while opportunities cross our paths that, if we we are not very careful, will go  virtually unnoticed.  I told you I'm just a regular person, who just happens to LOVE to bake.

Well, our middle daughter was going to bring "Princess" and "John Deere" over to bake cookies today (which equates to she's bringing them and going to help me clean up).  But we are having a little tropical storm right now.  His name is Lee and he's not been very nice. 

They didn't come, until just a couple of hours ago and didn't stay long.  "Mimi, can we decorate cookies?  Can we sew?  Can we feed the fish?  Can we get on the computer?"  Phew they wore me out...and that was only the first few steps inside the house! I just cleaned the kitchen.  I don't have any icing prepped.   My go wash your hands. 

This is Princess Mia with her "Grand" cookie 
"Mimi, I want pink...and maybe some blue (my jar is soOo near empty."

 This is "John Deere" Jax with his Grand creation
Mimi...I want blue (he got the last of the jar)...and some green.

 Well....The decorator was not quite finished.  "Mimi, it needs a heart"
And hearts HAVE to be RED
I know you can't tell, but BC yep RI red.
Definitely not "correct".
But it's his cookie, right?

Which explains the tips in the mouth. 
Where is that camera when you need it?

No more questions, no more "look Mimi", no more, you know....interruptions...just the sink

 of course

 gets done! 
I wonder, how many times
I have missed the real treasures
Not the perfect cookie, or piping technique, or detail

the kind of treasure
that only comes
when we are least expecting it, and the kitchen is already clean, and I'm tired and I would rather just sit and visit....

You know...the Gifts from God

Thank you Lord!

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