My Flicker Pics

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Team Spirit...

Let me just begin by saying, I LOVE my husband. I am not too proud to show you, my cookie friends, that love.  "Yes, dear, these cookies are for you."  Now, back to you, my cookie friends,  I'm warning you...this was only my seond session with royal icing and my first to try such tiny piping.  Okay...ready for a peek?


Now that you've seen my feeble attempt to be like you, you feel sorry for me, right?  You are going to personally give me lessons, right?  One good thing about not being on the top is that the only direction to go is here I just may be on a walker.

NOTE:  You know, we can't wait to see some of the blogs out there. Their work is perfection, brilliant, to die for.
But my posts are the pictures of what it looks like before you have "arrived". Maybe you are offended by my baby attempts, but I'll just bet that even the really good ones had to begin somewhere. At the very least I can give the encouragement that someone, (me), is less than perfect...and it's really okay.

My "doll" ready to receive his trophy.  He is my bestest encourager! and my love.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Apple Cookies Delivered

It is always such a pleasure to see others enjoy things that you make with your hands.  Don't you think?   Here are the "royal" cookies all boxed up and delivered. 

You know pictures can either enhance beauty or hide a multitude of errors.  The only thing I want to say is those who received "the box" appeared very pleased and I will definitely be more patient with handling cookies before they dry.  (and I just might try this royal thing again)

And...OBTW...that red tip?  As you can see from one post to the other 24 hours really DOES make a difference.  It works!  Imagine that!!!!  Check out the previous post for the link to "red".  I'm still smiling :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm Not Converted...Yet

All this talk about royal icing made my head spin. I mean if you visit any of the BIG sites you are going to see RI. Since the masses appear to be very familiar with it (I have never actually tried to decorate my cookies with said product), I succumbed to the pressure. How can one know until one tries? You see, all the GREAT cookie decorators who have their own videos and stores and how to sites never use anything else. And THEIR cookies are fabulous!

I have learned some valuable lessons. At the top of the list is---I need to try it again! My first attempt on decorating apple cookies for my school office?
Take a quick peek and promise you won't roll your eyes, or feel sorry for me, or (gulp) leave. OK here they are:

Besides the obvious need to work with this again,  I found myself impatient and I just had to touch grab a cookie or two before they had time to set. Did you know that outlines can squish or even move?

My outline didn't seem to want to adhere on my cool frozen cookies.

And of course my color challenge was RED. Can't tell by this picture, can you?   Directions on how to get bright red (check out this link at Bake at 350)  and also this one at  Kitchen Gifts .  Alright, may I just say it will be worth a few more tries....and it didn't taste as awful as some had reported.  But I do LOVE my old corn syrup, confectioners sugar, almond, milk recipe.

And just in case you want to try MY recipe...(deep breath)...I cannot claim the fame as it's all over the web, but maybe you need the link and you must meet this lady (she's one of the few who doesn't use RI) So click HERE for Cookie Crazy's Blog and recipe...not to mention a great tutorial and TONS of inspiration.  There are so many talented people out there.  Take some time to check out some of them.

I'll leave you with a few pics of my older cookies using the corn syrup icing.

You can check out other pictures like these on my photostream link at the top of my blog.  Happy Baking :)