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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Team Spirit...

Let me just begin by saying, I LOVE my husband. I am not too proud to show you, my cookie friends, that love.  "Yes, dear, these cookies are for you."  Now, back to you, my cookie friends,  I'm warning you...this was only my seond session with royal icing and my first to try such tiny piping.  Okay...ready for a peek?


Now that you've seen my feeble attempt to be like you, you feel sorry for me, right?  You are going to personally give me lessons, right?  One good thing about not being on the top is that the only direction to go is here I just may be on a walker.

NOTE:  You know, we can't wait to see some of the blogs out there. Their work is perfection, brilliant, to die for.
But my posts are the pictures of what it looks like before you have "arrived". Maybe you are offended by my baby attempts, but I'll just bet that even the really good ones had to begin somewhere. At the very least I can give the encouragement that someone, (me), is less than perfect...and it's really okay.

My "doll" ready to receive his trophy.  He is my bestest encourager! and my love.

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