My Flicker Pics

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Life Continues With and Without Cookies


I would explain.  I would give reasons why I haven't posted.  But it wouldn't change a thing.  As a matter of fact, I'm not sure if there are other projects that should have  been posted before this one.  And you know what?  100 years .... 50  years.....20 years.... from now~ oh shoot who am I kidding....2 seconds from now who will notice or even care.  Fact is, we all make decisions every day we crawl out of bed.   What to do?  Is it important?  Necessary?  or is it just what it is?  I'd like to say that I have been so energetic, and busy and important in my little cookie world, but then maybe not.  Church opportunites, work, family and day to day "things" sometimes have precedence.  And it is really is okay.    But these cookies are for a church baby shower and I enjoyed every part of the preparation!  So congratulations Baby "C"....welcome to our church family and to this sometimes unorganized life. 

May you all be blessed to have opportunities to share your sweetness and testamony of a loving Christ with others.