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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Candy Corn Journey

First Journey

You really need to see This Candy Corn Cookie "How To" (by SweetSugarbelle..)
Now that I've looked again at her blog, I realize that I didn't EXACTLY follow directions ... I was trying out my memory. Like, THAT was a good idea!
I made Candy Corn on steroids. Silly me!!! I'm going to try it again with the bite-size cookies. I didn't burn my Wilton candy melts, but I did learn a lesson or two. I added a little oil to make the candy more spreadable. It said I could... on the bag. But I wouldn't know otherwise. I would say dip-able; but you would have had to have been here...trying to dip 4-5 inch cookies. Not a pretty picture. Definitely go smaller. But they are just SO cute at any size.

Candy Corn Goes
On a Diet

Don't you think this was necessary?  I mean my first candy corn cookie just had NO  self-control....any time a cookie recipe only produces 8 cookies.....what can I say, except that we might just need to pare down the size
We looked at the "How TO" one more time and since I did have a little bit of dough left and I do mean "little" I tried again.

This time I didn't have enough to put in the loaf pan.
But I did take out my handy dandy digital scale and divided the remaining dough, added more Ameri-Color Orange to one, then made little slabs of dough, stacked them and put in the I should have done the first time.

When chilled, I pulled it out, cut four slices and then cut out the little corn shapes from them.   The rest is the same...just a much smaller version.
Dipping the cookies in the candy melts?
Easy as pie.

Now why didn't I do all that the first time?

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