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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding Cookies

  Our work space until the state birds came...Mosquitos...then we moved production inside.  This was my first attempt at baking and decorating wedding cake cookies...and they are for OUR daughter!

The Bride is concentrating!



                                     One work with "bling" dots

100 favors all ready!!!!

The Baker, RN, mother, and daughter is getting remarried on Sunday afternoon.  "A small wedding".  I have baked, WE have outlined, WE have flooded, I have placed on all the pearls and finally tonight WE (daughter #1, #2 and her friend put the rest of the favor boxes together, tied ribbons on bags and packaged 105 wedding cake COOKIES.  (Someone saw the wedding"cake" part and thought I had completely lost my mind.  Which wouldn't be that hard to do.... but, now I've decided that I will not do the sugar pearls for anyone else unless they pay me well.  Row one 7, row two 9, row three 11.  Add that up and x 100 and you have the number of individual pearls I carefully placed for 7 hours...and how much do many people say to charge...$2/cookie.....hmmm...well....uh....ah....NO.  But that sounds kind of harsh.  I did ENJOY doing them; but this was for our daughter.  We parents are just sometimes out of our minds.  ha
The Tired Decorators !

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