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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Logo-ing with Fondant...Will it Work?

In the past month or so I have attempted to make cookies for a few football fans. After the first agonizing trial, I Googled Kopykakes and then got out the tissue, wiped a few tears and stretched my bestest arm and proceeded with 38 cookies for some special people at LSU.  But, let's backtrack a bit.  Come see my first attempts to reflect school spirit.

First, I thought it would be neat if I mailed some Duke cookies to my son in law who is a big fan.....okay, I know...this in not the Blue Devil color.  The smaller ones (not in this picture) are more like it.  But he enjoyed them all and ate the "rivals".
Then my husband said, "So, you're making Duke cookies, but not MGCCC for me?   He got cookies!

 Then, I somehow got this notion that the people I work with might like some.  The area I work in is BIG into Alabama and Auburn.  So I made two samples.
But no one wanted them...if they wouldn't be so challenging I might feel that's the kind of thing I count as my schooling...practice.  It's good for the soul.

And then I just went crazy and made some for the coaching staff at my Alma Mater....and since we were going to the game...and since we knew someone connected to the athletic department who thought they would be much appreciated...what else could I do?  Just how hard can those letters be?  Yeah, right...   How much are those Kopykakes???

So, I copied (gasp) a logo and when I couldn't do it by visual reference, out popped the scissors and the food pen.

And I discovered...again...I am not a machine.  It's called artistic license, right?

Cookies minus a few "samples" = 38
We only had one catastrophic


One of our daughter's friends wanted some cookies to give her son...
it was at that time I had an "aha" moment.  Didn't know if it was crazy or not.  But I wondered if I could flood the cookie (with my fav glaze)  

trace the logo on fondant, cut if out and outline....HMMMmmm...

Well, you can!
 (Now just why did I take a picture of the shaggy one--they actually cut out cleanly with scissors if you're patient)  Let everything dry for 24 hours, before outlining...

BUT...the outline is a whole lot easier if you you RI (sigh)
I did.
I will leave you with this thought, because I feel a responsibility...Logos are registered trademarks.  Did you know that?  This can be a kind of  gray area, because most schools have at least one logo that is mostly font and fonts are...well...just letters. It makes for some interesting thinking.
If you plan to make profit off your font-type logo cookies, you might want to check into this more carefully and find out the policy connected to their logos.
Some are a little more vague than others...when it comes to "their" letters.


  1. Please send your address to our email at won the contest!!We would like to send you the cupcake liners ASAP!Thanks!

  2. I LOVE my new liners! Thank you so much!!!!
    Now if I can just decide on how and when I am going to use them. Hmmmm!