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Saturday, November 5, 2011


I told you quite some time ago, that I'm just a regular gal.  I made some cookies for the end of October and am just now sharing.  But, hey!  Fall is not gone...yet.  I am eying the Christmas cutters, though.  And those blogs!

I know you've seen a thousand pumpkins (sigh), but if you just joined the cookie blogging world, mine may be the first you've seen--not likely, but maybe :)

First, trace with a food writer

Black is dark.  It's hard to get it without tasting like...ummm medicine, maybe?  So...Start coloring with chocolate cocoa, then add your favorite black.  After a little bit, flood the face.  Let it dry...completely, so the black won't bleed.

 Now outline the pumpkin.  Let that dry a bit and flood with orange.
 Almost done!
Go back over your orange with detail. 
Add some, he needs an eyeball!
Outline your stem, flood, wait for that to dry and add some vines  If you want, add a leaf or two.

Wrapped and ready to go to a preschool party!  Happy Punkin's!!!

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