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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why We Read the Cookie Recipe...more than once!

When the mixer whirls and butter and sugar fall into submission all is not guaranteed to produce THE COOKIE unless someone follows the directions.  Of course, I did not this time.  Why..... read it a again?  Who? Me?  Certainly you jest...

But this is the result of my test cookies.
(hint)  if you haven't baked in a while, test a few first.  If it's after midnight...
It's important.
It's real important!
Just in case you should feel confident and plunge right in the flour barrel.
Now I understand that some of you bake everyday...okay, but if you missed a month, you just might need to glance at that recipe.
Click HERE for a really great recipe from Fancy Flours.

I used the 1/2 recipe on the right EXCEPT for the  1 pound of butter...and the 2 eggs..
Notice the red line now
It wasn't there before and I had free reign to glance where ever I wanted.
Now those cookies did taste good, but they did not hold their shape.  SO
Just take a peek at that recipe...ok?

Maybe you are a cookie extraordinaire and the recipe is permanently etched in your brain.  That being said...use a timer.  I am standing right by the oven.  There is a clock on the wall and a watch on my arm, but I get busy rolling out more cookies and they brown a weeeeee bit too much.  That doesn't destroy your cookie, but they are much prettier decorated with pale tops. 

Then, they may look like this....

See!  Isn't that better?

Have a bite :)

These cookies went to my friends in LA.  I used a Wilton packaging set like this one HERE  and would show you the final pictures but I have no pictures.  You see,  I packed my car with everything to make lovely gifts.  I put some of those freshly canned jars in cute gift bags with the intent to place my cookie bags on top of them.  Such a nice idea.  With foil "tissue" paper.    And if it hadn't taken me SEVEN hours to make a 3-1/2 hour trip I might have had everything ready.  But I was not in any frame of mind to think on those lines by nightfall.  Your know you have friends when they say, Oh, that's not important.  And I breathe a prayer of thanks for my precious friends who love me even when I hand them one jar at a time with a clear bag of cookies.

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