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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wilson Class Flower Journey

Many of you out there have already obtained the right of passage into the decorating world by going through Wilton Classes.
I, however, am in the midst of my journey, so be kind.

I have tried everything I know how to do and cannot get my picture to post in the upright position <sigh>  But just know that it was a yellow 10 inch cake leveled, torted and filled with homemade lemon curd...the real deal, then iced with the classic buttercream that I made and left to "crust".  I can say that getting the edges like I and is a challenge.  I kept fussing and therefore I had places that were not exactly... can I say dry? But all in all the Robin's egg blue cake was pretty in my eyes.  And in the eyes of my Mom.  I made the cake for her and she loved it!

May I say for the second time that fussing with turning these pictures has made me, a weee bit flustered.  They are in the upright position in the file, but no, no, not here...where it counts...for you to see.  Is this some kind of sign?  Anyway you Wilton graduates know this template, don't you?  Tinted piping gel over the print, turn over on top of "crusted"  yeah, sure...cake, and brushed lightly to transfer picture on cake.    It really was kinda cool.  But I think if there is a next time, I will tint the jel with a matching color.  And not fuss with my corners, so my cake will be DRY.    But this was sorta fun!

Now THIS was fun!  But just like getting this picture to post just right, I agonized over my cupcake "frosting" and after saying, "You know what?  Mine doesn't have to look like the book." I got creative and made little round "thingies"  And since I didn't have the confetti, I changed my tip and piped little dots on the cake.  I stay two steps behind my teacher.  Trying to listen and get my bags filled and may I just say that I am a little more "mature" than my classmates.  Alright, I move a little slow at first...just trying to take it all in. I WILL get there, just not today :)  And not only did Mom think it pretty, but so did her roommate...even though she also thought I could take her to the library.  And the nurses and staff.  So I felt pretty proud of my cake.  And was gone, only to live here on this blog....

No, no, you're not confused.  I am taking Level I and II back to back.  I do have to look at the book to see what I'm supposed to be bringing on which day. You would think I could keep all that straight...being a teacher and all.  But here are some of my apple blossoms ... uh, one apple blossom and my primroses.  I DID make more at home.  A lot more.  And will make more before the next classes.

Rosebuds.  Can I just say I LOVE these little jewels.  Now if my brain can only make my hands do all the right  stuff!  Yes, Wilton grads, yes, yes, I must practice, practice, play, practice and practice some more.  Like you and one day......mine will look like yours...beautimous.  And then I can make tiny ones and put on my cookies.  ahah......!  See I posted something about cookies.  But seriously, I do want to use some of these techniques on cookies, too.  Somthing that looks like    or

 But for the time being, I will settle for roses that are bigger and go on cakes and cupcakes.  So many of you are talented.  Feel free to  post your links on my comments.  But meanwhile, check out these cookie queens:

just to name a few.   And I bet their pictures are all up right. 

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