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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tackling the Macaroon

First day of summer vacation...what to do....Read morning Scriptures?  sure!  clean aquarium?  gotta!  vacuum? ha!  make bed?  not today!  wash dishes?  well, duh, have to keep the mixing bowl ready!  get in the car?  NO!  I think I'll just bake. 

Now, bake what?   Hmmmmm.  I've been wanting to try those cute macaroons.  Yes, macaroons (not the kind with coconut).  The kind that look like this...
These (above)  are not mine, of course.  Perfect picture, perfect cookbook...I'm sure I followed those directions!  See below?
I was able to peel off enough to make  three macaroons.  Pitiful.  Well, I'm not ready to give up least ONE more try.  But first let me look at some blogs...ah...Swiss Macaroons....from Japan.  There's humor in there somewhere.  You can see her gargantuous  selection of all sorts of macaroons at  So out came the egg whites, almonds in the processor and etc. just one more time.

And they didn't stick!!!  It's amazing where one can find a little joy :)
I now know to smooth the tops before baking.  Tips are cute, but....

They wouldn't sit up.  Anyway the filling is some left over swiss meringue buttercream with a little strawberry preserves mixed in.  Tasted so good, I think I'll try the chocolate next.  Just maybe not today.

One added tip, if anyone's looking...
In order to keep them uniform in size, they suggested putting a cookie cutter in flour or chocolate and making the ring on the cookie sheet.  I didn't want chocolate on my pink macs, and white on here's my solution

Chilled and ready to eat!

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