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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cream the Fillings!

While looking through recipes for cream fillings, it dawned on me...banana, pineapple, strawberry....chocolate.....vanilla.....Bannana Split!  Why not?  That's not something I ate very much of growing up.  Mainly because they were so BIG!  And I wasn't a big eater...or person....hmmm...let's change that topic.  But anyway, I thought I'd try it.  So, take a look at the finished product.  I'm not a true step by step.  But since no one's looking let's skip to the end.

Lesson...use enough cream for ganache!  I wanted it to have gentle drips.  Instead it just wanted to hang around.  But chocolate and cream...can I say more?

I dobached (split) the two vanilla layers and  used those cream fillings!

Bottom to top:  cake, pineapple cream, cake, strawberry cream, cake, banana cream (my fav), cake and ganache.  My oh my don't even look at a scale!

Well, let's tip the scale a bit more.  Bed of ice-cream and dolop of real whipped cream all topped with a cherry.......Banana Split Cake!!!

Now, while I didn't document my every move,  I wanted you to see the strawberries.  Can you believe the size?  These were berries on steroids.

 Strawberry Cream

 And the bananas, except there is nothing special about these bananas...but they do make a fine banana cream as shown below.  I didn't realize that a cream filling could taste so good.

I used all the pineapple okay.  You do know what pineapple looks like, so poof, poof, whala.....pineapple cream.

Didn't want to leave out the whipped cream. I made it for the crepes a couple of days ago and I got a little carried away. Into the cute little jar waiting for today:)

I'll end with a side view of the cherries.  It's kinda like a picture of my husband and me after we ate dessert tonight.  Leaning a bit to the right...


  1. I must say this sounds absolutely divine! I will have to look into this cream filling , it looks super yummy! Good Job , Keep em coming!

  2. Thanks April! It is a good combination. I made the little 6 inch layers...that way if I was too tempted, I thought it wouldn't do me in. I need to cut a slice and freeze and thaw...just to see if it will freeze well. My first inclination is no; but will try at least a slice anyway :) Thanks for the encouragement. Are you guys still baking?

  3. It froze and thawed just fine. I was pleasantly surprised!