My Flicker Pics

Saturday, May 21, 2011


There is a reason why making cookie dough late at night is not such a great idea...

Yes, it's true 1 POUND of BUTTER does NOT equal 1 CUP of BUTTER.  End of story.  The next day ....  Sad, flat,  but buttery cookies!  All spread out.  It just sounded right late at night.

Now I knew that....

Last come I didn't notice when I rolled the sticky dough out?
Can I blame it on the time?  Please...someone...tell me you've done the same thing...!


  1. But they were sooooooo good and I had them all to myself---yea me !!!!!!

  2. I must admit, yes, they were good. But I looked at those two small trays of cookies and all I could think of was ONE POUND OF BUTTAH...