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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do Carrots Really Cancel Calories?

Wouldn't that be nice?  A vegetable, so rich in good nutrients, that could cancel out all the "bad" things.... now that's my kind of cake.  I've been looking at different carrot cake recipes lately and decided to start with one nearest to my own.  Check out   I declare to you I looked for a printed recipe and only found the if you need more visual, just know that there is a video....somewhere. 

Six-inch pans still make pretty cakes and keep temptations down....leaving one layer extra for the freezer and company :)

 Just couldn't wait until completely cool, so we had warm cake to share :)  Alright, I'll confess, we had one slice for lunch and the rest for supper....but hey, remember this is only a 6 inch cake.  And I "shared" with my husband, and of course with you.
Her (Grandma Heirs) recipe was very similar to mine.  But I'm seeing other ones with less oil, using yogurt or buttermilk instead.  Think I'll try them, but not today.  Give me a couple of weeks and we'll see.  And if YOU try the others, let me know how they taste.  And just for the record, I used the answer to the question? ........... What question?  Again, special treats, not steady diets.  Worried about healthy?  Get out that mixer, try new ideas and let us all know...share, ok?

Note to self:  Try substituting applesauce for oil in batter and use low fat cream cheese in icing....or maybe 1/2 oil for the same amount of applesauce in batter...just an idea to try.  I have substituted before in other recipes with success.  If I become brave, I'll let you know.

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