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Thursday, June 2, 2011

From Dentist Office to Quart Jar

As you know, I have been canning and freezing this week.  Yesterday, however, I made the dreaded trip to the dentist.  I don't know why our generation feels this way.  Think it must be connected to those horrific pieces of dental equipment from years gone by.  My dentist office today even has a train going around a track near the ceiling.  Some things just get better as time goes by.  Did you think I got sidetracked?  I walked into the office with just a purse.  I left the office with a purse and a feed sack of green beans.  Yes, you read right!  Can you imagine?  Another story for another day.  But I thought I'd post a few pics of my green jewels.

Beans made it home and into the sink pool for a wash then snap!  All done and back into cool water.  Got a change of plans.  Oh, my what to do with my beans?  If I leave them in the fridge, the ends will turn brown.  HMmmm!  I know....

I will cover them with a wet paper towel. and....

weight them down with another pan with enough water to hold the cut beans under water....well, it was worth a try!

Three hours later...that picture above?  It was really the picture made when I got back.  Fabulous!  Still green and crisp! 
It worked!!!
Who knew?

Did you know that the food police no longer approves of green beans processed in a water bath?  I put the pretty cut beans in a large pot (not this one) and turned on the heat...THEN went online to check for times and almost got arrested!  NO, No, no!  NO WATERBATH!   <ring, ring> "Dear are you near Wal-Mart?" " Yes, Momma." " I need a pressure canner!  I can't find mine (grrrr!)"  So did you notice my shiny new one?  The "misplaced" one was goldenrod---does that date my canner or what?  It was Providence :)

Anyway, my "dental" beans turned out nice, botchalism-less, and properly canned.  So, no ticket today!

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