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Friday, June 24, 2011

Experience...a GREAT Teacher!

My daughter (the baker)

and I (the Mom)....disclaimer:  do not try this at home...(but it's not my kitchen and I'm short)...I hear ya, I hear ya. Guilty as charged.   In case you didn't catch it, my height adjuster is not an approved safe practice... 
and our helper (sister # 1)...

 were privileged to prepare desserts for two meals a day this week for  students and staff at one of THE most unique schools. Check out their site:  Gospel Singers of America.  Our intent?  To help the school while we gain experience converting our recipes to larger quantities...say, like for 125 hungry students and staff.  Now to most of you that probably isn't a whole lot.  But can I say we learned some valuable information? 

Here are my pictures of the food....

(looking hard?)

(a bit blank, huh?)

You see we spent so much time ciphering, measuring, weighing and okay...baking/cooking that I forgot to take pictures of the food.  I know....silly me.  But I can tell you the menu, right?  Cream cheese pound cake, fresh apple/pear cobbler, vanilla cake with Swiss meringue strawberry buttercream, Granny's chocolate pie-indiv. servings with homemade piecrust rounds, my cake doughnuts, chocolate chip cookies, butter-sugar cookies, chocolate sugar cookies, blueberry cobbler, mixed berry cobbler, pecan kisses, fresh peach cobbler,  lemon-filled cupcakes with creme cheese frosting, caramel pound cake,  chocolate pound cake, dreamy banana pudding and ice-cream cone cupcakes.  Now, can you visualize?   There's still some time to get some pictures of week two and three...maybe...but I'm not there now.  So I must end this post with a promise to try to get some pictures.  Really...I will try!

Most of the students and teachers appear to enjoy our "playing" <cough> (serious face) no, our educational learning experience...or our self guided culinary school of sorts.  And I am grateful that we could be even a small blessing to the school in the area of butter and sugar.  Giving them energy to focus on music theory, piano, guitar, voice, composing and directing. 

I will leave you with a future musician-in-training (singing in the kitchen): 

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