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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rising with the Raisin....Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Rise and shine!!!   Do you sometimes wake from a good night's rest ready for a good day!  I think all this canning has gone to my head! 

Ever since yesterday morning I have had my eye on a cinnamon raisin bread recipe.  I even took out all the ingredients.  After putting up a variety of veggies yesterday, I finally warmed the milk, sprinkled yeast on top and then I was committed.  

Warning!  You should ALWAYS read through the directions more than once.  At approximately 1 AM the loaves were out of the oven and on the cooling rack.

But this morning...sliced and reheated...yum!  Ready to start the day :)  Reminds me of a time in the not to distant future when all those who have trusted in Son of God will rise up to meet Him in the clouds.  Now THAT will be a sweet treat!

Tip:  Have you ever bought seedless grapes-green or purple or red and thrown some out because they were going south?  Well, if you are game, you can take the ones out that are beginning to shrivel (but not moldy), place them on a cooling rack and put them in an out of the way place.  They will continue to dry.  In a few days you will have sweet raisins like I used here.  I would put them in my dehydrator, but it was hijacked several years ago...

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