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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eat a Flower Lately?

You know, one day the gardens will be all brown and dry and I will be back to butter and sugar confections, but I have just tried the most amazing thing....Stuffed Zuchini Blossoms!

I won't keep you long but here are the pictures for this afternoon's adventure...

One freshly harvested squash/zuchini blossom...well from yesterday morning....

kept fresh via Ziploc and fridge....

Remove stamin/pistol...Is that the correct spelling?  Anyway, did you know the squash family has a female and a male blossom?  Peeking inside is kinda weird, so if that is too much for ya, just notice which ones have the fruit....zuchini and you have the "Mommy" bloom.  You can guess from my picture. Not hard really.  Anyway biology lesson over.

After looking at several recipes
I decided to trust my pantry

Ricotta (not even a brand name-shame, shame), egg, garlic, fresh herbs (basil, parsley and oregano for me) and Paremesan.  I know, I know you're going to see "the jar".  That's ok, it's what I had.
All these ingredients made the filling to be piped in AFTER all the stamens and pistols were removed (kinda tricky, but no problem).

Now for the batter.  Plain flour, Club Soda (I'm all into the discount stuff today), a little salt and pepper.  Whisk in the soda for a light batter. (like thin pancake batter)  Let sit a spell.

Use any means to gently put the filling inside...I used a piping bag and # 1M tip.

Fry in hot oil (part olive oil) until golden.  These really were golden.  Really!

Outside light and crispy, inside was a bit of heaven.
Please click here for "scent-a-net" 
Would'nt that be a great app?

Well two people and one empty plate
one yummy mid-afternoon snack.
(sometimes I just can't time things right)

If you give this a whirl....let me know what you think :)

PS....I made some cookie dough to make a Father's Day Cookie......Does that count?
I'm looking at the dough now

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