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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Tomatoes are actually a fruit.  So why are they mentally filed away in the veggie folder?  Incidentally, our granddaughter does eat them like a peach...They sure make good "mater" gravies and gumbos and soup bases, though.  Come with me on my journey into the land to maters...the Southern veggie-fruit.  These are the notorious Italian Roma's.

Washed and ready to go...

Into the hot tub!

Just right, skin cracks open; yet inside is not cooked!

Let's take a dip in the ice water!  And that my friends, begins the labor...

First...take off the peelings.  Aren't they pretty jewels?
Do you like to play with your food?  Well now is the time.  Just cut out the top core, slice a little off the top and squeeeeeeze out the pulp and seeds.  Gently now or you'll have a red kitchen!  Probably a good time to incorporate the young cooks is now.  Or...maybe not, hmmm you know best!  The seeds and pulp don't hurt anything, the seeds just don't look right in a sauce and the pulp makes everything more watery and would take more time to reduce to the right consistancy.

Hint:  You can also just use those digit tools (fingers) and scrape out the stuff.  When you do don't throw it away!  Look below...

My least fav. part is getting all those seeds and the "jelly" stuff out of the chambers.  But when you drain all that stuff, look at the tomato juice left behind...good for beverages, soup base and a host of other ideas!

Back to the marinara.... saute onions and garlic in olive oil in a large pot before you add the tomato flesh to the party.  Now it's time to cook, cook, cook...did I say cook?   

I got out the "motor boat" to take care of the chunks remaining, added fresh basil and filled the jars.  Since they are presently all hanging out in the water bath, I will have to show you the finished product later.  Can't wait to try on some pasta!

Yum!  Fresh zuchini, marinara and fresh homemade pasta. And some fresh out of the freezer to microwave cornbread muffin (see, I am not a wonder woman)   Think I'll rest!

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